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Illustration of Rabbit the Dog


We rely on independent research that proves something works before we use it.



Children understand Rabbit the Dog and want to try the things she role models.

Illustration Of Rabbit the Dog by Lyndon Arellano


The illustrations tell a story - even if a child cannot read the words.



A vast majority of our readers did not stumble upon our books - they were recommended.


Illustration Of Rabbit the Dog by Patrice Aguilar
Grand Dude Studios

Stories that teach

Grand Dude Studios is primarily focused on producing stories featuring Rabbit the Dog that will help children overcome or manage social and emotional challenges at different stages in their lives. (We also produce games that are fun as well as some games that teach.) Rabbit has been a very special dog.

She is very cute, sometimes mischievous, and always loving. She is living a very full life full of adventures across many states - and countries. By including her as the main character we are making her immortal. She will continue to give unconditional love and teach valuable lessons for many years to come.

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Rabbit Breaks the Vase book

Rabbit Breaks the Vase

Grade school book
Rabbit and the Aliens book

Rabbit and the Aliens

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Rabbit's Magic Garden book

Rabbit's Magic Garden

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Rabbit Creates a Frame Game book

Rabbit Creates a Frame Game

Grade school book
Rabbit Fixes Things book

Rabbit Fixes Things

Naptime book
Rabbit's Back Scratch book

Rabbit's Back Scratch

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